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Gamer's Ramblings

Now enhanced with TV, movie & book reviews...

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I game. I game A LOT and a lot of different stuff. Some would say I am seriously addicted? Am I? *shrug*

I am of the very rare female gamer species.

No you can't marry me.

I already have a RL husband and an ingame husband. (in this journal called hubby and hubby number 2)

If you need gaming advise on any of the games I play feel free to post a comment with your questions. I will try to help if I can.

If you want to join one of my SGs, factions, clans, guilds, whatnots... send me a message and if you seem like a nice sort I may consider it.

- Current Online Games: Rift
- Current Browser Games: Days of Evil
- Current Offline Games: none
- Current Tablet Games: Dragon Mania Legends
- Current Pen & Paper: Virasana Empire
- Retired Online Games: Ryzom, 9Dragons, Guild Wars, Vanguard, Perfect World, Hello Kitty Online, Runes of Magic, R.O.S.E., Lord of the Rings Online, Age of Empires Online, Mythos, Wizard101, Star Wars TOR
- Briefly Tested Online Games: Last Chaos, Ether Saga, Free Realms, Warrior Epic, 4Story, Florensia, Fusion Fall, 7Million, Draconica, Athlantica, Earth Eternal, Bounty Hounds Online
- Retired Browser Games: Travian, Dragosien, Gondal Worlds, Koyotl, SevenLands
- Retired Offline Games (counting since September 2008): Silverfall, Spore, Fallout 3, Sacred 2, Divinity 2, The Witcher, Caesar IV, Sims 3, Dragon Age, King's Bounty: Legend, Torchlight, Hellgate: London, Civilization 5, Mass Effect 2, Two Worlds 2, Dungeons, Dragon Age 2, Fable 3, Sims Medieval, Darkspore,
- Retired Pen & Paper: Shadowrun, Star Wars, Das Schwarze Auge, World of Darkness

Journal may also contain traces of movies / tv series / books I enjoy.


Proud leader of one of the oldest SuperGroups on Zukunft Server in City of Heroes / Villains:


Founder of a very small but happy Kinship on Euroserver Maiar in Lord of the Rings Online:
(We don't raid, we have no TS and no homepage! YAY!)