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Wizard 101

Wizard101 Halloween & Mounts

Since Lord of the Rings Online has an extended server down time today I decided to have a look into the Halloween Event in Wizard City.

Turns out I picked a good day since the new update that adds mounts and a whole bag of other improvements just went live as well.

Looky here for the full patch notes:


So I ran arouns in Wizard City with Alyssa, doing the Halloween quests, congratulation myself on having bought the individual access passes to all the Wizard City zones before I subscribed to the game since that allowed me to go everywhere the Halloween quests required without having to sub again.

The quests itself are not really spectacular. Just running around trick or treating and fighting Baron Mordecai, a 2000HP boss.

There are also three towers open in the Ravenwood district but since I have always hated going through towers with multiple levels I only did the apprentice one.

The rewards were a bit dissapointing, I was hoping for some cool furniture item but I just got a decoration (without stats) pumkin to wear as a hat. Meeh...

The charming dude to the right sells Halloween themed items for crowns (the in game currency you buy for real cash). Those are mostly without stats as well. I thought the ninja pig costume was really cute but definitely not something I's spend cash on.

Here's Alyssa next to a part of the Halloween decoration:

So let's get to the interesting part: The Mounts!

I went to the shop and had a good look at them. I actually wanted to get a cat or dragon for a day but sadly it seems that those are only available for a seven day trial. At least I did not find them for one day at Zeke or in the new crown shop (which seems to be a bit borked still - there are no prices showing, just the items and their names...)

I did however see some people riding around on their mounts so I have an idea now of what I want. Not a broom, not a horse and not a cat either. So a dragon it will be when eventually I get back to this game for more than a few hours.

Here are pics of the mounts, taken from the shop window:

Blue Dragon:

Lion (or whatever it is called in game...) Looks good in the pic but kind of odd when a wizard actually sits on it:

Broom. Looks absolutely ridiculous when a wizard crouches on it, especially hovering and not moving: