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Jan. 17th, 2013


Hiatus / tumblr

I have not been doing much gaming lately so there have been no updates to this journal - obviously.

What little I have to say about gaming will be on my new tumblr until I feel I want to get back to more detailed and longer posts here. But be warned, it will also have all sorts of other weird stuff that catches my fancy.

Feel free to follow me.

Aug. 24th, 2012


23 Hours to Guild Wars 2

Aug. 23rd, 2012


1 Day, 22 Hours to Guild Wars 2

Slowly running out of things to post while waiting.

So today I only have some useful links for everyone who plans to Play Guild Wars 2.

The Guild Wars 2 database - found this very useful for crafting

The Guild Wars 2 Wiki - Info on all sorts of stuff

Ranger Pets and where to find them - a bit scattered in this forum post but still useful

Guild Wars 2 Twitter - for up to date news

Aug. 22nd, 2012


2 Days, 21 Hours to Guild Wars 2

Last night there was another - and I am guessing the last - stress test for the game.

Hubby and I played around a little more with our Sylvari from last beta weekend, but others used the opportunity to record some of the brand new dance moves.


Aug. 21st, 2012


3 Days, 22 Hours to Guild Wars 2

Sooooo beautiful:

Aug. 20th, 2012


4 Days, 22 Hours to Guild Wars 2

Today I have a little something from the last beta weekend.

Yep, of course we did play that, I just never got around to posting about it.

So... we of course tested the Sylvari and Asura.

The arts of the Sylavri and Asura starting zones are truly stunning and I can see myself spend a lot of time there.

We played quite a few personal stories as well and they were my favourite so far. There is so much lore for the Sylavri and so much quirky personality for the Asura it was simply delightful.

I will absolutely have to have a character of each Sylavri and Asura just to enjoy the personal story.

Hubby has finally settled on his main class which will be Elementalist. My main will still be a Norn Ranger.

Damnit, I wish it was saturday already!

Aug. 19th, 2012


5 Days 21 Hours to Guild Wars 2

So close and yet so far!

Why is it that the last bit of waiting always seems the longest?

To amuse myself I will try and post a little something every day until the launch of headstart - and of course when the game is live there will be plenty of stuff to post as well...

So today some info for anyone out there who may want to play with me and my mates:

After much discussion we have decided to play on Drakkar Lake.

It's a German server - which only means players will be talking German, you can set your client to any language you like.

Which is another nice feature. You simply pick a language from a drop down menu in options.

We plan to have a small, friends & family style guild where everything knows each other.

Most of us aren't much in PvP so our main focus will be regular PvE, story mode dungeons and the Orr endgame.

So if you are interested in joining us, drop me a comment here.

See you in Tyria, folks!

Aug. 3rd, 2012


Wildstar Housing Trailer

This looks like a lot of fun:

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Aug. 1st, 2012

Star Wars

Star Wars TOR is going F2P

This fall, Stars Wars The Old Republic will switch to a hybrid free to play/subscription model.

Raise your hand if you are surprised.

*sees no hands*

Yeah, thought so...

Apparently you'll still have to buy the box - at a low price of 15$ - and then get to play all the regular content up to level 50 for free.

New content like battlefields, operations and various fluff items will have to be purchased in the cash shop.

Or you can keep subscribing to the game and get the content all included.

Maybe I'll finish getting my Marauder to 50 at some point after all... We'll see...

Jul. 13th, 2012


Guild Wars 2 Endgame Interview


Twitch TV

Jul. 12th, 2012

pen & paper

Necropolis 2350 Session 33

After the amazing amount of things that went wrong for my poor knight in our last gaming session, this one was a vast improvement.

First order of business was stealing a second car for the ambush they were planning on that weapon transport. They had decided to get the car from the landlord of the woman Knight Vitus had nearly stolen the car from last session. So the idea was the break into his house and beat up or kill the guy and take the car.

They were planing to do that during the night, but during the day something unexpected disrupted their plan. They heard on the radio of an attack of a Rephaim vampire on unsuspecting citizins in the subway. Of course that first news broadcast was quickly amended to "we are not sure what it was" and then to an official statement of "it was church terrorists".

The knights decided to not do anything about the incident until their contact in Corp security, Max contacted them, telling them that the vampire had apparently hurt and maybe infected some Corp security people as well and the Corp had simply sent them home.

So the knights split up into two groups, one group to do a quick and dirty field exorcism on the Corp guards to make sure they didn't turn vampire too, one group to steal the car,

Both of those tasks they completed with elegance and great success.

Next up they ambushed the weapon transport. That went reasonably well apart from the fact that apparently their Chaplain casting a healing prayer was somehow detected by something and they really had to hurry to get away quickly since more security was en route. And two of the guards of the transport got away after seeing them use their church issued swords and the First Knight's shield.

Troubling brewing there.

Not as much trouble though, as a strange phone call Knight Thadeus received. A strange, friendly voice, greeting him and telling him about how they had met before in that tank a long time ago. Remember Thadeus got ambushed in his tank right in one of the very first gaming sessions? Yes, I've had plans with that little incident all along and now it's time to bring it into play.


Jul. 10th, 2012


Shadowrun Returns Q & A

Jul. 5th, 2012

pen & paper

Mage - Project Timegate - Session 2

Remember our first mission went pretty well? I'm afarid the same can't be said about the second one.

Granted, we did succeed, but we got there by sheer luck and in complete chaos. And it did sound pretty simple to start with:

Go to Serbia during the war there and make sure a farmer's daughter and her family do not get raped and killed by marauding soldiers and instead make sur ethe soldiers die.

In retrospect we should have simply killed those soldiers before they even got to the farm. But we decided to try and make sure events stayed as close to the original version as possible. In which the farmer's daughter shot the Captain of tme marauding soldiers.

Sadly we did not really co-ordinate our individual plans. So while John hid outside the daughter's window, ready to help her out, I lured two of the soldier's away, killed them and took onthe form of one of them. Then I fumbled my manipulation roll when I went back inside, the other soldiers fot suspicious, went looking for their missing comrade, John got involved, there was incredible bloodshed, murder, mayhem and paradox for both of us...

But we did kill all the soldiers and keep the farmers alive.

Our boss, Dr. Moore, wasn't amused at all.

We've decided to work on our comunication skills...

Jun. 28th, 2012


Guild Wars 2 Release Date

FINALLY the cat is out od the bag!

Guild Wars 2 will release on the 28th of August!


Oh and the last beta weekend will be 20.-22. of Juli.

Jun. 22nd, 2012


Why do people hate EA?

Okay, this is positively funny, even if you don't hate EA.

Jun. 17th, 2012


Resident Evil: Retribution Trailer

This is probably the only movie series where I don't mind 3d.



Jun. 16th, 2012


Krater Release Trailer

This actually looks pretty cool an with that price tag I might actually check it out:

Jun. 15th, 2012

pen & paper

Necropolis 2350 Session 32

Sometime the most carefully laid plans of a GM will meet an unmovable object.

No, not player stubborness, in this case it was an incredible amount of bad luck on the player characters luck rolls. I mean, seriously! Three botches and then a near botch in a row! OF COURSE things went kind of wrong for them.

It all started with a very simple order from their first knight: go and steal a car so we can use it as a road block in the heist where we will ambush a weapon transport to steal armor and weapons we can use to outfit our terririst recruits. (yeah, I know... even that order reads bloody insane when you actually type it out like this...)

Anyway, Tadeus and Elizabeta headed out to steal a car in the bad part of town.

Sadly enough neither of them possesses a stealth skill so when they were breaking into a car they were spotted by a civilian couple walking by. Witnesses are a bad thing, so they ran after the poor people and mugged them. Erh... let me rephrase that... MURDERED them. Beat them to death with a baseball bat and a steel pipe.

So far, so good. No witnesses. Right?


Remember those luck rolls...?

A police car came by just then. So next up they were chased down the road by the police. Were overtaken by the car and blocked. So they decided that since those were evil corp servants anyway they could just as well mruder them too. So they stopped running and attacked and... a few very bloody rounds of combat later the two poor policemen were dead as well.

Next up they blew up the police car to get rid of the evidence...

By that point you could only call it a rampage...

Sadly the alarm horn of the police car had been blaring the whole time and of course the policemen had informed their mates before giving chase (luck roll...) so now a police helicopter appeared above them.

Now finally they decided a tactical retreat would be a good idea and mase their escape by breaking into a house and finally (with a good roll) escaping through the backdoor.

Cut to their first knight, sitting in a bar and watching the whole thing unfold via news reports on the TV mounted over the bar...

(Note: By this point the player of said first knight had nearly DIED with laughter at the other's misfortune)

He called them on their cell and told them to get under cover RIGHT NOW while he would take care of stealing the car.

He decided to highjack a car the good old fashioned way by pretending to be hitchhiker.

Good idea. Cue more botched luck rolls.

The car that stopped to pick him up had a sweet, friendly mother and two little kids in the backseat.

Now the other two players were laughing and our first knight was horrified. Murdering innocent kids face to face for a car? Bit much even for his iron heart. So he chatted to the mother, hoping she would turn out to be a bad woman. Nope, good through and through. (Can you hear me cackle gleefully...?)

So he tried to explain (with a weapon drawn and pointed at her) that he needed her car for a good cause but that he wouldn't hurt her if she cooperated. Insert crying children and terrified woman.

They stopped in a deserted parking lot where he kept telling her she wouldn't be hurt and called his comrades to pick up the car.

then he noticed some sneaking up to the car from behind. He pulls the keys and jumps out to see what's going on. ANOTHER car thief! That one was shot in the face quite quickly.

By then mommy had time to think though and finally remembered where she had seen that man with the gun before (she rolled amazingly well). Remember that our brave knights were accompanied by a TV crew a long time ago when they saved a bunch of civilians from a church besieged by Rephaim? Yep, mommy had seen that TV report. Turns out she is a good christian and watched illigal church TV.

Then Tadeus and Elizabeta arrived.
Tadeus about the kids: "Those are rather small recruits."
Elizabeta (very quietly): "They can carry a bomb belt all right..."

Makes it even worth to stela her car, obviously. And she knows who he is so should she be let go at all? Kidnap her and the children? So many complications when just stealing a car!!

Luckily it turned out the car thief had a car of his own so they settled for taking that car and letting the poor woman and her kids go. In turn she offered to help the cause if she could. And also pointed out that her landlord is a nasty pig and drives a huge, grey car...

So our hero crept home exhausted with a car and a place to get another one.

Jun. 14th, 2012


Wildstar Update

Before I played Guild Wars 2 and saw how good I can be in really active combat the combat in this video would have looked scary to me. Now I think it migth actually be really entertaining.

And YAY! on settler path, that looks fun!

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Jun. 11th, 2012


GW2 Beta Weekend II

This weekend the door to Tyria opened again for all the players starving for more of Guild Wars 2.

Needless to say I was there again as was hubby. This time we were also joined by muemeyyiz and we had a blast together.

It was Mue's first playtime and the first thing he was blown away by was how quickly me and hubby appeared next to him via the fast travel system. Three minutes after logging in we were already happily playing and in the middle of a huge event chasing a wild bull around the human starter zone.

The next thing he was suprised about was how much he died and we didn't. After some quick explaining about how dodging really matters in this game his dying got a lot less and when he hit level 7 and got weapon swapping and bought himself two pistols it pretty much stopped.

The problems with overflow servers and parties getting split up were gone with this beta. Turns out playing with a party of three was even more fun than soloing or duoing.

I have to admit me and Mue pretty much played all of sunday with hardly any break. There was always one more thing we wanted to look at or one more event we quickly wanted to join or just one more whatever.

Time just flies in this game and it's all about the fun of playing, not about reaching some leveling goal. I went from level 18 to 23 without really noticing or paying attention to it. I just checked before I logged out to be able to report on it.

As the previous beta events, this again leaves me wanting MOAR!

And now some pretty screens:

Illustrating how far you can see:

A bunch of complete strangers stopping to rez another complete stranger:

Beautiful monastery:

From left to right: hubby, me and Mue:

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