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Wizard 101

Wizard101 Mooshu done and on to Dragonspyre

There go the rest of the Onis.

Tree of Life was a walk in the park. Lizzy smashed everything without even getting out of breath. Granted - her pet Sparky helped a lot. He was really in a healing mood and constantly casting sprite on her. Sometimes two times in one round.


Then it was time to face Jade Oni and I admit I really had a bit of cold feet for that one. He has a ton of health and the longer the fight goes the more likely Lizzy gets to lose.

But I got very lucky. I was just standing at the door considering whether to go in or not when two high level guys showed up who were planning to farm him. So I went in with them and they pretty much blasted him to shreds.

So next I had to decide where to go next. Since I had already reached level 44 I went to Dragonspyre, planning to get those last xp up to level 45 so I'd be able to buy new shiny gear for Lizzy.

Even though I really think Dragonspyre is too hard and at times just frustrating it has some quite cool spots:

I got lucky again. I had just finished the first few quests when I ran into two other wizards at the exact same point in the questline and we continued together.

We easily finished the first zone and got through half of the second zone when I had to quit due to it being late and hubby coming home after being away for a few days on business.

But Lizzy is now level 45 so next time I will go on a shopping spree!


Lizzy is doing fine. Gratz. On this weekend I will be back in Wizard101. Maybe we can join company then?
Sent you a message in S&F =)