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Wizard 101

Wizard101 Wintertusk

So... I really wasn't sure if I should do Wintertusk now with Alyssa or wait for another level cap raise in the distant future.

In the end the deciding facor was that I really, REALLY want the new death school only pet for her. That little scraecrow is just soooo cute!

Of course to get it I have to almost all of Wintertusk, meaning I have to battle my way through all of the five new zones.

I have decided to ignore all side quests though so Alyssa will one day return and do those when she can actually soak up those XP:

So what's it like?

Hard. Quite hard. Bosses hot as hard as in Celestia with crits and lots of power pips, regular monsters have as much health as in Celestia too. I wouldn't want to do it with a lower level wizard.

On the other hand gear drops are quite awesome. Have found some great stuff already and I've only completed the first zone.

It's also very pretty.

I especially like Grandmother Raven. She looks like a real friendly bird and she is:

It's also quite crowded as there are lots of wizards doing the new content so there is hardly a fight that has to be done solo.

Only boss fights are mostly solo since you have to run into someone how is doing exactly the same thing at the same time. So I soloed most of these:

Next up I'm off to Austrilund.